The Nebraska Ethanol Board supports an ethanol ambassador scholarship program with local universities to educate college-aged students about the importance of Nebraska’s ethanol industry.

Ambassadors learn about ethanol production, technology, research and marketing, then take what they’ve learned and work with ethanol producers and Nebraska Ethanol Board staff at promotional events. They also deliver presentations to middle and high school-aged students in the classroom.

Ambassadors are selected through an application process that includes a cover letter, resume and in-person interview. The program lasts one academic year (August-May) with new recruits each year. For their time and efforts, ambassadors are awarded a $1,000 scholarship to assist with their education.

2016-2017 Ambassador

Cody Kneifl is a mechanized systems management major at the University of Nebraska-Lincoln. Cody is a native of Newcastle, Nebraska.


The Advancement of Ethanol in Nebraska