Free e15 Workshops

Fill up on E15 Knowledge

Nov. 13 from 1:00 to 5:00 P.M. at the Divots Conference Center,
4200 W Norfolk Ave, Norfolk, NE Ballroom C (Bountiful Harvest)

The Nebraska Ethanol Board invites fuel retailers from across the state to learn more about the benefits and ease of offering E15 to your customers. 

This one-day workshop will provide attendees with a myriad of takeaways and dispel misconceptions about the cost of offering E15. Attendees will hear a keynote from Sara Brenden, Manager of Market Development with Growth Energy; best practices from a fuel retailer and guidance from a terminal representative. Presenters will provide resources to make implementing and labeling infrastructure easier and affordable. Speakers also include the Nebraska State Fire Marshal, and Nebraska Weights & Measures.

There is no cost to attend the workshop. Beverages and light snacks will be provided.




9 out of every 10 cars in America can motor safely with E15, which has a lower price and higher octane rating than Unleaded and even E10!

Today there are nearly 1,800 retail locations in 31 states selling E15. And, since the EPA recently approved the sale of E15 year-round the number of retail locations selling E15 is growing quickly and fuel retailers are seeing new customers and improved profits.

Sponsorship inquiries: Roger Berry | 402-430-2483 | Email

Adding Ethanol, Adding Profits: Ron Lamberty, American Coalition for Ethanol

Steps to Take Before Adding Blends E15 and Higher: Mike Joy, Nebraska State Fire Marshal

Historical Review of Ethanol: Randy Throop, Nebraska State Fire Marshal

A Retailer’s Testimony: Randy Gard, Bosselman Enterprises

A Retailer’s Testimony: Phil Smith, Aurora Cooperative

Financial Resources for Expanding Infrastructure: Jeff Wilkerson, Nebraska Corn Board, & Katie Zulkoski, Zulkoski Weber

The Advancement of Ethanol in Nebraska