Retailer Labels

Retail Fuels Labels

Fuel labels available: Retail Fuel Labels
To learn more on labeling requirements: Retail Fuels Federal Labeling Guidelines

The Nebraska Ethanol Board  carries a small amount of retail fuel labels. Order labels by calling the Nebraska Ethanol Board at 402.471.2941 or email

Large Quantities of Labels
You can order large quantities of labels (more than 50) from the Growth Energy Store:

  • Go to Growth Energy
  • Select “Sign In/New Account”
  • Select “Place Order” and then “Browse Catalog”
  • Select “New State E10 Labels” on the left side
  • Ensure you choose Nebraska labels
  • FTC Labels are also available here

This is another useful site to order supplies:

The Nebraska Ethanol Board also carries E85 decal stickers to put on flex fuel fleet vehicles.




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