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Big Savings on Biofuels This Thursday

Deep Discounts on E85 and Biodiesel to Celebrate Renewable Fuels Month

LINCOLN, NE — May is Renewable Fuels Month in Nebraska, and Nebraska’s corn and soybean farmers are giving consumers in the Lincoln area cause to celebrate.

Renewable biofuels will be offered at steep discount from 4 p.m. to 7 p.m. on Thursday, May 5 at Shoemaker’s South Travel Center at 1200 Saltillo Road.

E85, a blend of 85 percent American Ethanol and 15 percent ordinary unleaded gasoline, will be offered for just 85 cents per gallon, with a limit of 30 gallons per customer.  E85 is for use in flex fuel vehicles only.  About one in seven Nebraskans drives a flex fuel vehicle, which is indicated in the owner’s manual, by an insignia on the tailgate or trunk, or a yellow gas cap.

During the three-hour promotion, soy biodiesel will be available for a one dollar-per-gallon discount with a limit of 50 gallons per customer.  Soy biodiesel can be used in any diesel-powered vehicle with no modifications required.

Both American Ethanol and soy biodiesel are clean-burning, renewable fuels made from Nebraska commodities.   American Ethanol and soy biodiesel reduce greenhouse gas emissions and reduce the amount of toxic particulate matter in vehicle exhaust, improving air quality and reducing threats to human health.

The biofuels pump promotion is being sponsored by Shoemaker’s, the Nebraska Ethanol Board and by Nebraska’s corn and soybean farmers and their checkoffs.

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