Two Featured Presentations Scheduled for Nebraska Ethanol Board Meeting

LINCOLN, Neb. – Connie Lindstrom, senior biofuels analyst at Christianson CPAs and Consultants, and Jamie Rhodes, president of Trestle Energy, are the featured presenters at the Nebraska Ethanol Board meeting Wednesday, March 29.

Lindstrom will present on trends in Nebraska ethanol plant performance. Her company specializes in Biofuels Benchmarking™, which allows ethanol plants to access a vast database of anonymized industry data, insights and reports.

“By observing trends, decision-makers can set priorities and improve processes,” Lindstrom said. “Benchmarking information is key to managing risks, identifying opportunities and prioritizing resource use.”

A growing set of opportunities are emerging for Nebraska ethanol plants and agricultural producers, ranging from process optimizations to plant expansions and development of innovative co-product streams. Rhodes will discuss Trestle’s approach to one set of these opportunities and share his vision for developing crop residue fuel pellets as a co-product of Nebraska ethanol.

“These fuel pellets can be used in Nebraska’s existing coal-fired power plants and industry boilers,” he said. “And because the pellets are a co-product of ethanol, their use can dramatically reduce the carbon intensity of Nebraska ethanol in West Coast markets. These projects can offer a lot of value for both ethanol plants and feedstock producers, and Nebraska’s industries are well positioned to benefit.”

The Nebraska Ethanol Board meeting will be held at the Hyatt Place (600 Q St.) in Lincoln at 8:30 a.m. March 29. Lindstrom and Rhodes will speak at approximately 9 a.m.

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