Utech Named an Ethanol Ambassador

Shelby Utech, Hubbard, Neb.

LINCOLN, NEB – The Nebraska Ethanol Board is proud to announce Shelby Utech (Hubbard, Nebraska) as an ethanol ambassador.

Utech is a University of Nebraska-Lincoln student studying agricultural economics. She is also pursuing a minor through the Engler Agribusiness and Entrepreneurship Program, which focuses on developing business in the agricultural sector.

“We are excited to have Shelby as a part of our team for the 2017-2018 academic year,” said Luke Miller, public information officer for the Nebraska Ethanol Board. “She has a great passion for agriculture and the ethanol industry and will be a welcome addition. This is a great opportunity to both learn more about the industry, and to share that information with peers, community groups and classrooms.”

The ethanol ambassador program engages an undergraduate student in the importance of Nebraska’s ethanol industry. Ambassadors learn about ethanol production, technology, research and marketing, and then have opportunities to work with the public. They also deliver presentations to middle and high school classrooms. The program lasts one academic year (August-May) with a new recruit each year. For their time and efforts, ambassadors are awarded a $1,000 scholarship to assist with their education.

Established in 1971, the Ethanol Board assists ethanol producers with programs and strategies for marketing ethanol and related co-products. The Board supports organizations and policies that advocate the increased use of ethanol fuels – and administers public information, education and ethanol research projects. The Board also assists companies and organizations in the development of ethanol production facilities in Nebraska. For more information, please visit www.ethanol.nebraska.gov.