Board Members

The Nebraska Ethanol Board’s seven members are appointed by the governor. Each member represents a specific area or interest related to Nebraska’s ethanol industry. The board also has a technical advisor from the University of Nebraska-Lincoln, who serves as a non-voting member of the board.

Jan tenBensel, Chairman (Wheat)
Cambridge, Nebraska
Appointed: October 2015




Scott McPheeters, Vice Chair (Business)
Gothenburg, Nebraska
Appointed: February 2017




Randy Gard, Secretary (Petroleum)
Grand Island, Nebraska
Appointed: September 2016




Mike Thede (General Farming)
Palmer, Nebraska
Appointed: September 2006




Tim Else (Sorghum)
Belvidere, Nebraska
Appointed: September 2003




Taylor Nelson (Corn)
Jackson, Nebraska
Appointed: September 2017




Brad Bird (Labor)
Blair, Nebraska
Appointed: November 2017




Hunter Flodman, Ph.D. Chemical Engineering (Technical Advisor)
Appointed: November 2014