Ethanol Ambassador

The Nebraska Ethanol Board supports an ethanol ambassador scholarship program with local universities to educate college-aged students about the importance of Nebraska’s ethanol industry.

Ambassadors learn about ethanol production, technology, research and marketing, then take what they’ve learned and work with ethanol producers and Nebraska Ethanol Board staff at promotional events. They also deliver presentations to middle and high school-aged students in the classroom.

Ambassadors are selected through an application process that includes a cover letter, resume and an interview. The program lasts one academic year (August-May) with new recruits each year. For their time and efforts, ambassadors are awarded a $1,000 scholarship to assist with their education.


  • Classroom Participation: Ambassadors are required to speak to four classrooms (middle or high schools). Ambassadors set up the school visits on their own with support from Nebraska Ethanol Board staff.
  • Promotional Events: Ambassadors are required to participate in four promotional events throughout the year. NEB staff will provide a list of events to attend.
  • Volunteer Work: If ambassadors are not able to make it to required number of events, they can volunteer in the community to makeup the time.
  • Optional Events: Ambassadors are encouraged to participate in industry tours, attend board meetings, job shadow an industry professional, or work on professional development skills with Nebraska Ethanol Board staff – resume reviews, interview practice, public speaking, etc.
  • Documenting Work: Ambassadors will take photos during events to document their activities and also provide a brief summary of each classroom participation/promotional event.

General: The Ethanol Ambassador Program is available to all majors and grade levels. Ambassadors will receive a NEB polo shirt to wear while representing the board. Ambassadors will meet for an orientation and receive a binder with program expectations, list of events and general information.  Ambassadors will receive emails every couple of weeks to check on progress and remind them of event opportunities.


As of 2022, the program is being revamped.  You may still submit a resume and cover letter (500 words or less) explaining your interest in the Nebraska Ethanol Board and what qualities you could bring to the position.  For information on when the program will be relaunched, please contact Jessica Sodeke, program manager, at or 402-471-2941.