National Ethanol Groups’ Classroom Resources

Our national ethanol organizations (Renewable Fuels Association, Growth Energy, and American Coalition for Ethanol) have made available lesson plans, activities, and videos on their websites to use in your classrooms.

American Coalition for Ethanol has collected content from industry experts, including a video library, hands on learning, lesson plans, career exploration, and more. Find it here.

Growth Energy, in partnership with the National Association of Agricultural Educators (NAAE), has developed a one-of-a-kind biofuels curriculum aimed at educating high school students to the world of biofuels. The curriculum is the first industry-supported biofuels curriculum that provides students a guided in-classroom experience and will offer ag educators the tools needed to provide students with an array of technical skills and historical knowledge in biofuels. Learn more at Classroom Resources.

In 2018, Renewable Fuels Association developed “Ethanol in the Classroom,” which is a great resource for teachers educating on ethanol. Check out the interactive learning activities at Ethanol in the Classroom.

Renewable Fuels Month (held in May)

May is typically the kick-off to the summer driving season and has historically been a time Nebraska’s renewable fuels industries have come together to highlight the importance of clean-burning biofuel options. Learn more here.

Little Steps, Cleaner Air Curriculum

The Nebraska Ethanol Board is also a participating member and supporter of Little Steps, Cleaner Air – an initiative in Greater Omaha that educates the community about small steps they can make to improve air quality. They worked with local educators to develop curriculum focused on air quality and their website is full of great information to use in your classroom. They also have an opportunity for everyone to Take the Pledge to commit to championing cleaner air.

Click here for other states air pollution clean air educational resources

Let’s Clear the Air Campaign

There are so many benefits to using ethanol blends. Help spread the word with your coworkers and community members by getting involved with the Let’s Clear the Air campaign by Urban Air Initiative. Click here to learn more about this free educational resource.

Nourish the Future

Middle school and high school teachers are part of a national leadership community, working to advance their expertise in the classroom and increase their influence as teacher leaders and mentors across the country—all while exploring solutions to real-world problems and the connection between science and future careers.

Nourish the Future Curriculum

Shout out to Nebraska educator’s, AnnaLisa Estrela and Kristi Bundy, of Ashland Greenwood Public School in Gretna, for your roles in the 2021 Nourish the Future community.

Just a Minute (or So) About Renewable Fuels

In January 2021, Advanced Biofuels USA launched a series of short educational videos centered around renewable fuels. Learn about topics like the wide range of things that can be used to make renewable fuels; making chemicals, including fuels, from waste CO2; retrofitting an old car to use E85 (85% renewable fuel); the historical, everyday and future uses of renewable fuels; and, the latest in the series, diving deeper into the benefits of renewable fuels.

Just a Minute (or So) About Renewable Fuels videos

In addition to the YouTube videos, a page in the Advanced Biofuels USA online library includes links to additional resources and reference materials.  Many more episodes are planned.  Suggestions for topics are welcome at Started by people working in the world of renewable fuels and chemicals, the series is now created and managed by student volunteers.

Ag Pen Pal Program

The Ag Pen Pal Program connects farmers and ranchers with classrooms to help students understand where their food, fiber, and fuel comes from. This link creates a personal connection between the classroom and a volunteer in the agriculture community.

Volunteers come from across the Nebraska agriculture community and classroom participants come from across the state as well and can be urban or rural.

Each year the Ag Pen Pal Program matches volunteers to help more than 5,000 students understand and appreciate the agriculture around them. Many Ag Pen Pal volunteers enhance the experience by sending photos, videos, and seed and fiber samples from their farm or ranch, visiting the classroom, and even hosting a field trip to their farm or ranch.

The Ag Pen Pal Program provides a real-life connection to the agriculture community so students can see the daily life of a Nebraska farmer or rancher. Pre-Kindergarten – Eighth grade classrooms are invited to sign up to exchange letters three times during the school year. Letters can be in the form of mailed letters or email. Although only three letters are required, additional touchpoints are welcome.

The Ag Pen Pal Program begins each year on September 1 and the volunteer sends the first letter by September 30. Sign up for the program opens on April 1 and closes August 10.

If you have questions about the Ag Pen Pal Program, please contact Ashley McClinton at or (402) 421-4747.

Ethanol Organizations in Nebraska
Nebraska Corn Board

More than 30% of the field corn grown in Nebraska is used in ethanol production. So, Nebraska Corn Board is a huge supporter of the ethanol industry. You can find helpful information on their website or YouTube, including the video below that explores multiple gas pumps to show you how to choose higher ethanol blends.

Renewable Fuels Nebraska

Renewable Fuels Nebraska (RFN) is the trade organization for Nebraska’s ethanol industry.  They serve as an industry resource encouraging public policy that ensures the growth and expansion of the Nebraska’s renewable fuels industry. RFN is a great resource to learn about laws and proposed legislation impacting the ethanol industry.