Flex Fuel Vehicles

Automakers are rapidly increasing the number of vehicles that can run on E85. These vehicles, known as flexible fuel vehicles (FFVs), can operate on any blend of ethanol and ordinary unleaded gasoline up to 85 percent ethanol. Computer technology in the fuel system automatically compensates for the blend — so you can fill up with E10 unleaded one time and E85 the next with no worry.

There are nearly 200,000 flex fuel vehicles in Nebraska.

Many FFVs are distinguishable by a yellow gas tank cap or badge on the rear of the vehicle.
Flex_Fuel_Choices If your vehicle bears one of the following badges, you can fill up with any ethanol blend up to E85. If you are unsure, visit the Department of Energy or E85Vehicles.com to look up your vehicle.

Considering a new car purchase? Look at purchasing a flex fuel vehicle for more fuel choices at the pump.

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