Ethanol Price Advisory

May 19, 2008

A growing supply of ethanol in Nebraska provides consumers with an opportunity to save money at the fuel pump as ethanol prices remain lower than gasoline. Many consumers can buy E10, the traditional ten percent blend of ethanol in gasoline, for a dime per gallon less than unleaded regular gasoline.

E10 blended fuel is typically sold as mid-grade because of its higher octane content. More than 73% of all gasoline sold in Nebraska today contains ethanol. Consumers also have an opportunity to purchase E85, an alternative fuel designed for Flexible Fuel Vehicles (FFVs), first introduced in 1992. E85 is specifically intended for use in FFVs. E85 often costs 20% less than unleaded regular.

Because ethanol prices are cheaper than gasoline, some fuel marketers now offer unconventional blends of ethanol such as E17 and E24. Fuel which contains more than 10% ethanol should only be used in Flexible Fuel Vehicles. All vehicles manufactured since 1979 can use the conventional E10 ethanol blend.

State law requires that fuels, including all ethanol blends, be properly labeled at the pump. Consumers should look closely at the pump to ensure it’s the correct fuel for the vehicle. Ethanol will continue to offer consumers an opportunity to save money at the pump. The Nebraska Ethanol Board estimates that Nebraska consumers will save more than $70 million during 2008 because of the lower cost for ethanol fuels.

Consumers who have questions about ethanol fuels can visit the Nebraska Ethanol Board website at for more information.