Field to Fuel Student Video Contest Open for Entries

The Nebraska Ethanol Board presents the 6th annual Field to Fuel video contest, which encourages Nebraska high school students to explore the importance and value of ethanol.

With a focus on educating the public about renewable fuels, students are asked to research, film and edit a two-minute video for a chance to one of three prizes, including a $1,000 grand prize for their school or organization. Eligible videos must be received and/or postmarked no later than Jan. 31, 2021. More information and requirements can be found here.

“The ethanol industry plays a significant role in Nebraska’s economy and is very important to our state’s agriculture,” said Jonathan Anderson, agriculture teacher at Norfolk High School. “Teaching about biofuels can be a blast and also ensures this generation understands the impact of biofuels now and in the future. The Field to Fuel contest is a fun, alternative way to learn and show off student learning. Last year, this video contest, and a field trip to our local ethanol plant, sparked two students to do an experiment creating ethanol production from Apple Cider Wastes that has made it all the way to the top three at the National FFA AgriScience Contest. It has been a joy to watch.”

This contest is open to all Nebraska high school students in grades 9-12th grade and can explore any aspect of ethanol, including agriculture, science, sustainability, and renewable fuels’ impact in improving the environment and Nebraska’s economy.. Teachers who would like more information about how to introduce ethanol into their curriculum (all ages) can explore the Ethanol in the Classroom tab on the Nebraska Ethanol Board website.