Issues & Initiatives

The Nebraska Ethanol Board is proud to support and market ethanol and its co-products from Nebraska’s 25 ethanol plants that make us the second-largest ethanol producing state in the country.

These ethanol plants represent more than $5 billion in capital investment in the state and provide direct employment for some 3,000 Nebraskans. Combined, they use more than 700 million bushels of corn per year – and produce more than 6 million tons of distillers grains, a high protein feed ingredient used for cattle.

On a national level, ethanol production capacity has passed 15 billion gallons. Renewable fuel legislation (the Energy Independence and Security Act of 2007), oil prices, air pollution, and consumers have pushed the growth rapidly – from 1.1 billion gallons in 1996. For the latest national figures, visit the Renewable Fuels Association.

U.S. Ethanol Production (Source: Renewable Fuels Association)