Developing Ethanol Markets

ToddNebraska’s ethanol plants provide jobs, a market for more than 700 million bushels of grain and a high-value livestock feed for Nebraska’s huge beef industry. None of this existed in 1971 when Nebraska Legislature created what would become the Nebraska Ethanol Board. It’s all here today — and it’s growing. The Nebraska Ethanol Board has helped create, nurture, support and drive the ethanol industry in the state.

By its own initiative — and by working in cooperation with other ethanol advocacy groups— the Nebraska Ethanol Board has helped turn Nebraska’s corn and sorghum fields into a renewable fuel that competes with foreign oil fields. This has led to rural development, vigorous economic activity and increased value-added opportunities for Nebraska’s grain and livestock producers.

The Nebraska Ethanol Board has spearheaded several consumer promotion and information campaigns for unleaded blends of E10, E15, E30 and E85 in Nebraska, and worked with other organizations to conduct public outreach efforts. Additionally, the Nebraska Ethanol Board markets and promotes educational outreach efforts outside Nebraska — letting them know that Nebraska is a reliable and competitive source for ethanol.