Funding Research and Development

Investigating the effect of E30 fuel on long term vehicle performance, adaptability and economic feasibility.

Groundbreaking University Research Says E30 is Safe for Non-Flex Fuel Vehicles

In 2021, the Department of Chemical and Biomolecular Engineering at the University of Nebraska-Lincoln published “Redefining Renewable Fuels”; an in-depth demonstration of the long-term adaptability and feasibility of E30 consumption in non-flex fuel vehicles.

The E30 Demonstration has officially been peer reviewed and published in ScienceDirect. View it here


During the past decade, the Nebraska Ethanol Board has been a leader in research and development related to the ethanol industry. Examples of innovative research supported by the Nebraska Ethanol Board include:

  • Ethanol/diesel fuel blends in urban mass transit vehicles
  • Analysis of gasoline components
  • Test methods to detect ethanol in soil and water samples
  • Performance characteristics of ethanol in racing engines
  • Research to advance ethanol utilization technology
  • Gasoline sample analysis at pipeline terminals
  • Monitoring groundwater chemistry related to underground storage tank leakage
  • Identifying chemical manufacturing process conditions
  • Ethanol fuel for use in aviation applications
  • General Motors fuel acidity testing
  • Aqueous ethanol concentrations (parts per billion in groundwater)
  • USDA grant assistance for Nebraska Bioclean project