LB585 Renewable Fuel Infrastructure Program Funding

The Nebraska Environmental Trust Board voted to approve a state grant program that will expand flex fuel blender pumps called the Nebraska Renewable Fuels and Air Quality Program. The total amount of money funded in this grant program is $3 million for three years.

The funding will be used to financeĀ LB585 Create the Renewable Fuel Infrastructure Program, which the Nebraska Legislature passed in May 2019 to help incentivize additional blender pump and underground storage installation throughout the state. The Nebraska Department of Energy and Environment (NDEE), with the support of NEB and other ethanol industry organizations, will work together to disperse funds to install an additional 60 blender pumps in the state under the program.

According to the Nebraska Department of Motor Vehicles, the state has over 252,500 flex fuel vehicles and has 178 blender pumps. This grant program will be very helpful to smaller filling stations and will provide more access for flex fuel vehicles.

The Nebraska Environmental Trust (NET) provides grants (funded through the proceeds of the Nebraska Lottery) each year for environment and land preservation and attempts to provide funding equally throughout the state. One of the categories for the grants includes air quality.