Nebraska Ethanol Production Hits One Billion Gallons Per Year

This weeks opening of the US BioEnergy ethanol plant in Ord signals continued economic growth for Nebraska as statewide ethanol production capacity surpasses one billion gallons per year.

Ethanol is the smart choice for Nebraska drivers and Nebraska’s economy, said Todd Sneller, administrator of the Nebraska Ethanol Board. With 16 ethanol plants producing a billion gallons a year, Nebraska is taking its place as a leader in energy independence and a leader in economic growth that benefits the whole state.

As more plants commence production, Nebraskans have access to a greater supply of ethanol. With an expanded supply, ethanol prices drop and the renewable energy source becomes even more affordable as an alternative to gasoline. New plants create more jobs for related industries like construction, transportation, manufacturing and engineering companies. Each new plant creates forty to fifty permanent positions, with an average annual salary rate exceeding $50,000.

The US BioEnergy ethanol plant in Ord will have an annual production capacity of 45 million gallons of ethanol.

The ethanol industry has created hundreds of permanent, high-paying jobs in Nebraska while helping farmers earn more and making our state more energy independent, Sneller said. Nebraska is in a position where the state could meet 100 percent of its transportation fuel needs with ethanol production.