Renewable Fuel Infrastructure Program

The Renewable Fuel Infrastructure Program helps Nebraska fuel retailers upgrade their fueling infrastructure. Thanks to a generous grant from the Nebraska Environmental Trust (NET), the Nebraska Department of Environment and Energy (NDEE) has available $3 million to award to fuel retailers over the next three years. 

The NET Board of Directors recognizes the positive environmental impact that higher blends of ethanol can have in the State of Nebraska and has provided these funds to install necessary infrastructure to dispense higher blends of ethanol.

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The Nebraska Renewable Fuels Infrastructure Program will make grants available to retail gas stations on a 50/50 cost share match for the acquisition of advanced biofuel blender pumps, fuel storage tanks, necessary infrastructure, marketing and education. The pumps will provide various blends of ethanol between E10 and E85 to motorists.

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Why install higher ethanol blends?

  • Nebraska’s ethanol plants produce around 2 billion gallons of ethanol a year, of which over 95% is shipped to other states or countries.
  • In 2019 Nebraska motorists used an estimated 90 million gallons of ethanol, or approximately 10% of the 922 million gallons of fuel consumed by Nebraskans.  
  • Typically, sales of mid-level ethanol blend fuels increased 45-55% at Nebraska stations that have installed multi-product ethanol dispensers.
  • Additionally, the use of ethanol results in fewer greenhouse gas emissions than gasoline and is biodegradable. According to a 2019 USDA study, using corn-based ethanol reduces greenhouse gas emissions by as much as 42% compared to gasoline.