gasoholUSA The Nebraska Ethanol Board works to build a greener, more energy-independent America by advocating for biofuels. By informing the public and civic leaders about their benefits to the nation and the world, the Board ensures that biofuels and co-products play an increased role in powering our world. In addition to building consumer support for biofuels and guiding public policy, the Board assists market growth through targeted strategies and programs. By collaborating with industry partners and fuel retailers, the Board helps consumers make informed choices that benefit Nebraska from rural to urban areas. The Board stimulates innovation and economic growth by supporting research, encouraging development, and recruiting new businesses to join the cause.


In the late 1970s — in response to oil embargoes that resulted in high gas prices and inflation —leaders in agriculture, economic development and government saw the opportunity for Nebraska to capitalize on its abundant grain resources and begin development of a renewable, domestic source of energy — ethanol.

In 1971, the Nebraska Legislature created the Nebraska Gasohol Committee — now the Nebraska Ethanol Board — the first state agency in the U.S. devoted solely to the development of the ethanol industry.

The Nebraska Legislature expanded the Nebraska ethanol development program’s scope in the late 1970s and 1980s to capitalize on projected expansion in the ethanol industry.

In 1990, the Legislature created an incentive fund designed to attract increased ethanol production in the state. This fund, the result of a checkoff on Nebraska corn, sorghum and wheat, was administered by the Ethanol Authority & Development Board (EADB). The incentive did its job, attracting significant ethanol development across the state. The carEADB was administered by Nebraska Gasohol Committee staff.

In 1992, the Ethanol Authority & Development Board was merged with the original Nebraska Gasohol Committee to create the Nebraska Ethanol Board. Today, the Nebraska Ethanol Board continues its mission of creating a positive environment for ethanol production and use in Nebraska — and serving as a primary resource for ethanol producers, developers, media and policymakers.