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Issue Briefs

Geared towards industry professionals, researchers, and enthusiasts who thrive on technical insights, our issue briefs provide a deeper understanding of ethanol topics.

  • This issue brief describes the compatibility of the current fueling infrastructure at fuel retailer locations with higher blends of ethanol. It examines compatibility through all components of a fueling system, from storage tanks to pumps.

  • This issue brief explains Reid vapor pressure (RVP), a measure of fuel volatility, and how increasing the amount of ethanol in fuel lowers the RVP.

  • This issue brief describes the environmental benefits of ethanol as fuel via both cleaner tailpipe emissions and reduced emissions throughout the ethanol lifecycle.

  • This issue brief highlights the many human health benefits of ethanol using the historical record and ethanol’s critical role in limiting harmful tailpipe emissions.

  • This issue brief takes a two-part approach to debunk the long-disproven myth of “food vs. fuel.”