The Nebraska Ethanol Board’s mission is to establish procedures and processes necessary to the manufacturing and marketing of ethanol fuel. In doing so, we support jobs for more than 1,400 Nebraskans and directly impact our state’s economy by $5 billion.

We are proud to serve 24 ethanol plants who have the capacity to produce more than 2.5 billion gallons of ethanol– making Nebraska the No. 2 ethanol-producing state in the country. Ethanol production increases demand for field corn, which helps Nebraska’s agriculture thrive.

Additionally, when consumers choose ethanol at the pump, they are helping the environment. Unlike pure gasoline, ethanol is non-toxic and cleaner burning. Its use reduces greenhouse gases by 46%.

Nebraska Ethanol Board shows how ethanol can immediately supplement the loss of gasoline from the ban of Russian oil imports

In March 2022, the Biden administration signed an executive order to ban the import of Russian oil. The move came with bipartisan support, and as the White House looks to fill the gap of displaced Russian oil, ethanol groups say E15 is a ready-made answer today.

The Nebraska Ethanol Board released an in-depth analysis that shows the conversion of 33% of all E10 fuel in the U.S. to E15 could potentially displace 100% of gasoline generated from Russian oil imports. Eight percent of all U.S. imports of oil and refined products come from Russia.

Groundbreaking University Research Says E30 is Safe for Non-Flex Fuel Vehicles

The Department of Chemical and Biomolecular Engineering at the University of Nebraska-Lincoln recently published “Redefining Renewable Fuels”; an in-depth demonstration of the long-term adaptability and feasibility of E30 consumption in non-flex fuel vehicles.

The E30 Demonstration has officially been peer reviewed and published in ScienceDirect. View it here