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Education & Promotion

Through education and promotion, the Nebraska Ethanol Board communicates and promotes the industry’s value to the economy, agriculture, environment, and energy security.

  • Marketing Strategies (1980s-present): Promote ethanol in cooperation with public and private sector partners as a partial replacement for fossil fuels; analyze marketing processes and procedures to assure product acceptance; sponsor research to develop industrial and commercial uses for ethanol and its co-products; and promote ethanol as a beneficial component of air quality improvement.
  • Unleaded and Gasohol Campaigns (1980s-present): Coined the term “gasohol” and spearheaded one of the first campaigns on the sale of “unleaded” fuels in the U.S.
  • Clean Fuels Foundation (1996-2015): Served as steward of this coalition, which ran ethanol public awareness campaigns across the country, as well as established industry development guides.
  • Renewable Fuels Month (2006-present): Highlights the impact and importance of biofuels throughout May each year. Co-sponsored by several Nebraska biofuels organizations.
  • Classroom Efforts (2015-present): Ongoing partnerships with several Nebraska organizations to develop an awareness and understanding of ethanol’s impact for both students and teachers.
  • Fuel the Cure (2018-present): Participating fuel retailers donate a portion of proceeds obtained through the sale of higher ethanol-blend fuels sold in October to cancer research.
  • Clean Cities Coalition (2022-present): Established Nebraska Clean Cities Coalition with ethanol focus.