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Market Development

The Nebraska Ethanol Board assists in development and expansion of markets for Nebraska-produced ethanol and related co-products.

  • Economic Development Efforts (1981-present): Attracted, sited, and helped fund the development of over a dozen ethanol plants in Nebraska. Recent efforts have focused on expanding the bioeconomy and other value-added processing for Nebraska agricultural and ethanol producers, including food, feed, advanced biofuels, commodity and specialty chemicals, and bio-products.
  • Fuel Retailer Services (1990s-present): Provide fuel labeling services and other promotional assistance to fuel retailers in Nebraska offering higher blends. Assist retailers in participating in grant programs including the USDA Higher Blends Infrastructure Incentive Program.
  • Trade Missions (2000s-present): Assist State of Nebraska agencies and the Governor on trade missions in promotional efforts and expand access to export markets for Nebraska ethanol and its co-products.
  • E15 and E85 Outreach and Marketing Programs (2008-2020): Held workshops to train ethanol producers and fuel distributors marketing E85 and E15 across Nebraska.
  • Fuel Promotions (2014-present): Engage with the general public at many events over the years, including onsite at fuel retail locations, to promote the use of higher blends within our state.
  • American Society of Testing Materials (ASTM) (2015-present): provide direct input as subject matter experts to the development of industry standards and specifications.
  • Hand Sanitizer Production (2020): Collaborated with UNL, ethanol producers, and industry partners to produce hand sanitizer using ethanol during the COVID‑19 pandemic in Nebraska. Read the full story.