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For Educators & Learners

Higher Education

University of Nebraska-Lincoln

The University of Nebraska-Lincoln (UNL) offers several opportunities for students and ethanol professionals to advance their training and knowledge.

UNL offers two workshops annually through the Nebraska Manufacturing Extension Partnership. This is ideal training for those already working in the industry. Nebraska Ethanol Board offers up to half the cost of tuition for eligible Nebraska ethanol employees.

Courses for future bioengineers:

  • UNL BSEN 444 – Biomass and Bioenergy Engineering (regular course)
  • UNL Energy Sciences minor open to all majors

Central Community College

Central Community College offers an instrumentation and controls two year program that is tailored to the ethanol industry at its Columbus campus.  The Process Instrumentation and Controls (I&C) specialization gives students the opportunity to complete the core requirements of the mechatronics program and focus on the specialized skill sets found in the processing industry. I&C courses develop critical thinking skills for regulating the properties of liquids and gases using sensing and control devices that measure temperature, flow, volume density, and chemical composition. 

Southeast Community College

Southeast Community College (SCC) offers two courses that can help prepare you for work in the biofuels industry.

In 2021, SCC introduced the Biotechnology program. SCC is the only college in Nebraska offering this unique program which gives you the skills to put you ahead of your peers in the industry. This programs helps students complete credentials to prepare for an advanced career in academic, government, and industry laboratories or an advanced degree at a four-year college in many STEM fields.

SCCs Energy Generation Operations program allows students to acquire skills needed to become power plant operators, bio-fuels production operators, wind farm technicians and operators, and operators of other types of energy production as well as a wide range of processing-type facilities including fertilizer manufacturing, water and wastewater treatment plants, breweries and many others.

Beyond the classroom, students of all ages may discover an interest in biofuels and sustainability, sparking a desire to pursue or broaden their careers in this field. We've included courses offered from various Nebraska institutions for adult learners.