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Press Releases

E15 Access Standard Act Signed Into Law By Nebraska Gov. Jim Pillen

Gov. Pillen (holding bill), state senators, agricultural leaders, and renewable fuels advocates celebrate the signing of LB562.

LINCOLN, Nebraska – Lawmakers have passed a bill to increase consumer access to E15 in Nebraska. LB562, introduced by State Sen. Myron Dorn, includes requirements for motor fuel retailers in Nebraska to sell E15 from at least 50% of their dispensers starting in 2024 if they build a new motor fuel site or replace more than 80% of the motor fuel storage and dispensing infrastructure at an existing site. Gov. Jim Pillen signed the bill, known as the E15 Access Standard Act, into law today.

“Nine out of 10 fuel retailers in Nebraska will be able to offer E15 without expensive upgrades to their fuel infrastructure and dispensing system,” said Reid Wagner, Nebraska Ethanol Board (NEB) executive director. “The framework created through LB562 offers a pathway to increase access to higher blends while minimizing costs to fuel retailers and maximizing savings for consumers.”

If the statewide ethanol blend rate (the average percentage of ethanol in each gallon of fuel) is below 14% in 2027, the bill requires fuel retailers to offer E15 from at least one dispenser at each retail location. The bill also provides for an increased income tax credit for fuel retailers offering higher blends of ethanol: $0.08 per gallon of E15 sold in 2024, $0.09 per gallon in 2025, $0.08 per gallon in 2026, $0.07 per gallon in 2027, and $0.05 per gallon in 2028.

“This is a great day for Nebraska’s drivers,” NEB Chairman Jan tenBensel said. “Having the option to choose lower‑cost, lower-carbon E15 at fuel stations all around the state is a big win for consumers, farmers, and value-added agriculture.”

E15, a blend of 15% ethanol and gasoline, is approved by the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) for vehicles model year 2001 and newer. Visit to learn about which blend of ethanol to use and to find retailers near you.

The Nebraska Ethanol Board works to ensure strong public policy and consumer support for biofuels. Since 1971, the independent state agency has designed and managed programs to expand production, market access, worker safety and technology innovation, including recruitment of producers interested in developing conventional ethanol, as well as bio-products from the ethanol platform. For more information, visit

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