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Policy Development

The Nebraska Ethanol Board is a highly-respected contributor to ethanol policy on the state, national and international levels. Our staff serves as subject matter experts, and a primary resource for legislators, policymakers, and regulators. As a government agency, we do not lobby or endorse candidates. We support bills as an unbiased, technical advisee. We often work with Renewable Fuels Nebraska, the trade association for Nebraska's ethanol industry, whose main focus is to establish ethanol policy.

  • Formation of NEB (1971): Nebraska Legislature LB776 established the Agricultural Products Industrial Utilization Committee, which changed names to the Nebraska Gasohol Committee in 1981 and eventually the NEB in 1993.
  • Replacement of MTBE (1986-2005): Directly involved with the replacement of MTBE in fuel with ethanol. Appointed to an EPA Blue Ribbon Panel and assured strong ethanol policy.
  • State Legislation (1970s-present): Participate in the development of legislation such as: instruction of the Nebraska Department of Roads to utilize ethanol-blended fuels; fuel retailer tax credits of varying amounts for the sale of ethanol-blended fuels; the Ethanol Authority and Development Act; the Ethanol Production Incentive Program; the Renewable Chemical Tax Credit Act. Also support ethanol legislation including: fuel retailer tax credits for ethanol blended fuels E15 and higher; creation of a framework to permit carbon capture and sequestration in Nebraska; the E15 Access Standard Act.
  • Federal Policy Efforts (1980s-present): Participate in annual Washington, D.C. fly-ins to meet and discuss forward-thinking biofuels policy with Capitol Hill lawmakers. Hold frequent discussions with Nebraska federal representatives on ethanol, biofuels, and the adoption of mid-level blends in our nation’s fuel supply.

We have compiled a legislative toolkit to assist in educating lawmakers about our industry and to keep the public updated on policy trends and advocacy opportunities.