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What Matters

Our priority is to strengthen Nebraska's leadership in the ethanol industry through:

  • Policy Leadership: Advocating for favorable state and national policies to support ethanol production and use. By informing the public and civic leaders about their benefits to the nation and the world, the Board ensures that biofuels and co-products play an increased role in powering our world.
  • Education and Promotion: Educating consumers and actively promoting the benefits of ethanol. By collaborating with industry partners and fuel retailers, the Board helps consumers make informed choices that benefit Nebraska from rural to urban areas.
  • Market Development: Contributing to the economic development of Nebraska communities.
  • Ethanol Industry Assistance: Providing comprehensive assistance to ethanol developers, from site assessment to development.
  • Research: Investing in research related to ethanol, distillers grains, and environmental sustainability. The Board stimulates innovation and economic growth by supporting research, encouraging development, and recruiting new businesses to join the cause.

Ethanol Industry AssistanceMarket DevelopmentPolicy DevelopmentResearch & TechnologyEducation & Promotion