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Legislative Toolkit

The Nebraska Ethanol Board spends a significant amount of time engaging in the legislative process, monitoring key ethanol issues and talking with Nebraska legislators to ensure the protection and growth of the industry. As a government agency, we do not lobby or endorse candidates. We support bills as an unbiased, technical advisee. We work with Renewable Fuels Nebraska, the trade association for Nebraska's ethanol industry, whose focus is to establish ethanol policy.

This toolkit has been complied to assist in educating lawmakers about the Nebraska ethanol industry and to keep the public updated on policy trends and advocacy opportunities.

Legislation plays a crucial role in supporting the ethanol industry by establishing frameworks, regulations, and incentives that promote its production and use. 

Nebraska Legislature Resources and Tools: 

Engage Nebraska Lawmakers

Nebraska Ethanol Board Handouts 


Legislators, do you have an environmental or agricultural task force you'd like the Nebraska Ethanol Board to join? Email us!