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For Fuel Retailers

Terminals & Wholesalers

In the intricate network of the oil and gas industry, terminals and wholesalers play crucial roles in the supply chain that ensures the seamless flow of ethanol. 


Terminals are physical facilities strategically located to receive, store, and distribute ethanol. They act as centralized hubs where ethanol from producers, often delivered by rail or truck, is collected. Terminals play a key role in managing the logistics of ethanol storage, blending, and distribution. 

Nebraska terminals 

HF Sinclair (formerly Holly Energy Partners)

OneOK (formerly Magellan Midstream Partners)

NuStar  (acquired by Sunoco in Jan. 2024)

Phillips 66 Pipeline

For a comprehensive list of Midwest terminals, visit this link and click on terminal codes. 



Wholesalers operate more directly in the transactional aspect of ethanol distribution. They act as intermediaries between ethanol producers and retailers, facilitating the bulk purchase (from terminals and/or ethanol producers) and resale of ethanol. 

For a comprehensive list of active Nebraska fuel licensees, including wholesalers, suppliers, distributors, importers and exporters, click here.

More information can be found on the Motor Fuels Division of the Nebraska Department of Revenue website.